Jump Into Writing, Carver Summer Program, 2015
Jump Into Writing, Carver Summer Program, 2015

Welcome!  We believe children deserve an arts-enriched education, with no exceptions.  Jump Into Writing opens the door to literacy success for many kinds of students, including  gifted, immigrant, English Language Learners, and those with special needs.

In-School Workshops+Library Programs+After-School Programs+Curriculum Development+Professional Development+Parent Programs 

Through our innovative workshops in schools, libraries and after-school programs, kids engage in exceptional writing experiences that make their education come alive!

We Support Common Core

All our activities foster problem solving, collaboration, student-lead work, higher-order thinking skills, as well verbal communication skills.  We also differentiate instructions so children with various literacy abilities can participate in the same workshop together.

We Support CREATE CA

CREATE CA teams thought leaders from California’s creative economy to rethink and create an educational environment for all students that features arts education as a central part of the solution to the crisis in California schools.

We Support Social/Emotional Learning

Research shows that when children’s social, psychological and emotional are met, along with academic learning, that engagement improve. 

Support Us!

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“I got more ideas and was able to put them together in new and unexpected ways.”

 Xavier, high school student, San Mateo, Ca


"The Power Of Stories To Transform Lives"