Jump Into Writing – The Power Of Stories To Transform Lives

Updated April 22, 2015

Welcome to Jump Into Writing!  We believe that all children deserve an arts-enriched education, especially those who are underserved.  Many kinds of students can participate – gifted, immigrant, English Language Learners, Special Needs – all benefit from our program.  Through workshops in schools, libraries and community-based organizations, children engage in exceptional writing experiences that make their education come alive!

Support our mission by volunteering to be a writing mentor for a group, or to give one-on-one help.  Your financial support is appreciated, too.  Check out the home page and learn more about our “Jump Up” fundraising drive.

The weekend of April 11th, I taught two sections of Jump Into Writing for Stanford University Splash, an enrichment extravaganza for middle and high school students.  Some of the best and brightest, they still struggled.  By the end though, they had a good grasp of what writing is really for, and began to see their own lives as rich storytelling material.

One girl, Preetika, wrote this poem about discovering a personal connection to writing:

My pencil kisses the paper in short delicate traces/Eraser shavings get whisked away like feathers falling from a bird/Tendrils of ideas reach out from under my Head/Balancing on the toes of their small feet/Pages waste away as Time and Pencil lead erode their lives/The pencil and imagination/An inseparable Team/writing, yes that’s it…Writing!

Join us in spreading the joy and wonder of writing to young people throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Warm Regards,

Elizabeth Softky, Founding Executive Director

"The Power Of Stories To Transform Lives"