Get In Touch!

Carver Elementary School, Summer 2015


Jump Into Writing believes children deserve an engaging, arts-infused education, with no exceptions.  Our program serves many kinds of students, from gifted, to English Language Learners, to children with special needs.


Closing The Opportunity Gap


Through joyful learning, participants unleash the stories only they can tell.  We encourage kids to think expansively about their lives and potential!


In-School Workshops+Library Programs+After-School Programs+Curriculum Development+Professional Development+Parent Programs


Get In Touch!


Jump Into Writing/Redwood City, CA

Elizabeth Softky, Founding Executive Director



My pencil kisses the paper in short delicate traces/Eraser shavings get whisked away like feathers falling from a bird/Tendrils of ideas reach out from under my Head/Balancing on the toes of their small feet/Pages waste away as Time and Pencil lead erode their lives/The pencil and imagination/An inseparable Team/writing, yes that’s it…Writing!

Preetika, Jump Into Writing, Stanford Splash 2015


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